Stealing Roses Official Website


Genre: Comedy/Drama
Length: 96 minutes.

Walter (JOHN HEARD), a middle-aged man, down on his luck with no money, feels his back is against a wall with few options when his wife, Rose (CINDY WILLIAMS), develops throat cancer. Without adequate funds for medical treatments- too poor for health insurance, too young for Medicare and too “rich” for Medicaid- Walter resorts to drastic measures and decides to rob a bank.

Walter steadily prepares for the big heist as he goes through his checklist for the bank robbery - getaway car, masks, guns – and casing the bank with an unfortunate run-in with the Bank Manager (BRUCE DAVISON). When he and Rose get fired from their only house cleaning client (Hélène CARDONA) - Rose decides to become Walter’s partner and "wingman" in the bank robbery.

Walter’s son, Johnny (MARK FAMIGLIETTI), a cop, moves back in with Walter and Rose to keep an eye on his suspicious father. The strained father-son relationship gets tested and reevaluated by Johnny as he struggles to come to terms with his father’s determination and as he learns his own lessons in love when he falls for SALLY (JOSIE DAVIS). When Rose turns out to be too ill to partake in the robbery – Walter enlists his eccentric friends (AL SAPIENZA, JUDE CICCOLLELA, VIC POLIZOS and JAMES GLEASON) to help.

Walter, Rose and Johnny all struggle in down-to-earth and comical ways as they all come to their own conclusions on what the final decision needs to be in their difficult situation.